About Locomotive

Long ago, during one cold winter morning in Saigon, capital city of Vietnam, passengers waiting at a train station came across a familiar yet alluring aroma of rich beef broth....

The aroma originated from a stand, where the old hawker sold noodles with his simmering hot beef broth at the far end side where the train engine stood. In no time a long queue was formed, which extended as long as the entire length of the train. That day marked the start of “locomotive” beef noodles, and its name spread like wildfire.

Job offers and buying of the recipe were all turned down by the old hawker. The recipe of this memorable and heartwarmingly flavorful broth were never revealed. People then started to re-create this special broth and it eventually evolved into an enormous bowl of beef noodle soup bearing the name "Locomotive".

Cafe Locomotive has managed to keep this original flavor alive with their own secret recipe. They use beef bones and various spices to simmer into a rich tasty broth, later to be accompanied by thinly slices of imported beef topped with fresh garnish. For full enjoyment, slowly take in the aroma. Cafe Locomotive simmers their beef stock for a really long time. The aroma in itself is enough to whet the appetite. Finally, pick up your spoon and taste the rich broth on its own. The rest is up to you, because eating this bowl of goodness should be an adventure!

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